Exhibition Proposal


Food Thinking is a two-week interactive exhibition based on design research in food issues by Design Plus Food Atelier,(D+FA) in Product Design and Institute of Sustainable Food Systems at KPU. The exhibit will introduce the research findings and outcomes to provoke a dialog on food issues and innovations. The exhibit will be accompanied by workshops lead by Wilson School of Design students and faculty at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU).


Visitors will be invited to interact with a series of installations examining the often-unseen side of food production, consumption and innovation. To better understand the current issues of an industry that impacts everyone in everyday life the exhibit will explore 5 food topics: Fake -The dark side of ingredients, Enough -Current issues with consumption, Foreign -Immigration, cultural tastes and customs, Expired -Food waste and alternative solutions and Silent -Meat and the future of Animal welfare.

Design Concept

The exhibit will consist of five installation addressing each one of the five topics using a variety of video montages, info graphics and interactive displays to engage with visitors. Each installation will invite visitors to question what they know about the food they eat, and how it affects our society and environment. Each exhibit will be designed around a dining-table, using each items and surface (the plates, table clothes, napkins, cutlery, etc.) as display surfaces onto which information and graphics will be applied or projected. Each of the five exhibits will use a different size and/or scale table to captivate interest and provide a variety of surfaces upon which to present content. A central feature of the exhibit will be an 8-foot tall, 3:1 scale dining table which will act as a canopy to several installations and an apparatus from which projectors can be hung.
food exhibit2-01
untold stories table
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