As D+FA work towards an exhibition to display our recent work and findings, we highlight one fascinating area of our research that is seen as a well known issue though it can be looked at and used in unique and positive ways.

Food waste is an ever growing problem that is negatively affecting people and our planet. Every year, one third of all food produced for consumption is wasted or thrown into the landfill. In the diagram below, it shows that food waste produces such a significant amount of greenhouse gases annually for it to be considered a country; the third biggest greenhouse gas producer.


With such negative environmental impacts, people are becoming more creative with their efforts to reduce food waste. Many projects are being done to push the potentials for food waste innovation; some looking at how coffee grounds can be transformed into dishware, converting waste from fruits, vegetables and cereals into reusable cellulose fibers, even the ends of bread are being transformed into beer.

eine-cappuccino-tasse-mit-untertasse-kaffeesatzCoffee grounds made into coffee cups. Image courtesy of:

Creating new materials from inedible parts of food seems to be a common thread, and the student researchers at D+FA wish to continue pushing the boundaries for what food waste can do.

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